A Pop Up Trunk Show: Bend The Trend


Guess what you guys? We’re hosting a very special pop up trunk show featuring some of our favourite Delhi-based indie accessory designers!

That’s right, all the cool kids on the block are going to be under one roof, and the hippest, newest accessories from each of their eclectic lines, are going to be up for grabs.

When: 20th August, between 12 noon and 7 pm Where: The Wishing Chair, South Point Mall, Golf Course Road, Gurgaon.

Get to know these up and comers, makers and shakers, designers extraordinaire, before you come face to face with them, here:


Meet 335TH, a premium lifestyle brand that reflects the vibe of modern India.

At Bend the Trend you will find ‘Neo Geo’, a maiden jewellery line that uses bold, graphic, geometrical shapes and fluid movement, to create unique statement pieces that can be adapted to suit any occasion.

“Our products are characterised by unexpected attention to detail —from carefully selected, highest quality fabrics along with construction detailing — we take pride in our artistry. We are also proud supporters of ‘Made in India’,” says Poornima Vardhan, the founder and designer behind the brand.

As an investment banker in New York, Poornima never expected to work in fashion. In the end though, a passion for modern design and fabrics, and frustration at the lack of affordable high-quality options in India, came together, to create 335TH.

(You can reach  335TH on Facebook  or on Instagram as @335thstreet.)


Gypsy, Nomad, Wanderer – the many names of Banjaaran, come alive in their collection of of handcrafted shoes. Think of them like an art journal of an explorer's unending odyssey.

“Banjaaran translates an international aesthetic using local material and crafts, taking inspiration from the ways of nomadic life,” says founder-designer of the brand, Mehandee Meera Dureja. “Our products connect with people. They make heads turn!” We believe her.

“I imagine Banjaaran shoes being worn by women who dare to express themselves through their style and clothing. They could be aged between 20-40, vibrant, confident, edgy and super comfortable with their own skin,” she continues. “Plus all our shoes are made to order and can be customized by mixing matching fabrics, colours and cuts so what you wear is a piece of art, the likes of which are unlikely to ever be duplicated.”

Falling in love with Banjaaran, will be a shoe in, we promise!

(You can reach Banjaran on Facebook or on Instagram as @banjaaran.)

Below The Belt

Meet pajama enthusiasts, Below the Belt, a young, Delhi-based company that creates fun and quirky lazy wear – boxers, jammies, night shorts, night suits, night shirts for boys and girls – your sleepiest wish is their command!

Co-founded by part-time business partners and full-time sisters Sanjam and Avni, their “eureka moment” came while sitting over drinks one day in HKV. “We saw an immense void for the product in the Indian market,” says Avni, and went, ‘well, there’s a business idea!’” They kicked off the company the very next day?!

Best to lounge around browsing their fresh, quirky and perfectly affordable “lazy wear” at our super pop up which will feature, in their own words “products that are bound to add funk to your junk!”Believe it or not they’ve had people upto 60 years of age buy their products (which is undoubtedly awesome!), but also goes to show that sloth is no sin baby. It’s in!

Boriya Basta

Not only is Boriya Basta going to be at Bend the Trend, they’re also celebrating their second anniversary this month. Let’s all of us wish them bags of fun down the road!

As part of the celebrations, you get to see tons of their latest designs at the pop up: star attractions include the ‘Mini Bucket Bag’ (a smaller, cuter version of the bucket bag), the ‘Envy Bag’ (perfect to team with formals), and the ‘Crescendo Bag’ (an all leather semi-circle shaped must-have). They’re also introducing ‘word-wrap loafers’ done up in suede and hand embroidered beadwork. You gotta see these beauties to believe ‘em.

Co-founders Deepika Nigam and Surbhi Jain tell us a little about their stunning kilim inspired ware: “Our common love for Indian handicrafts and the desire to create one-of-a-kind products that are an amalgamation of western patterns and Indian handloom have resulted in our range of handbags , footwear and cushion covers. Those who understand kilim or woven tapestry already know that this is chic hand crafting at its best.”

Bonus? Tote Unquote: “typically like kilim carpets for instance, no two are ever the same!”

(You can find Boriya Basta on Facebook or on Instagram as @boriyabasta.)

Chalk Studio

Chalk Studio is the brainchild of co-founders Aakash Saikia and Nupur Nagpal: a designer footwear label that celebrates duality, by creating exquisitely handcrafted shoes and marrying high fashion to comfort.

They pride themselves in making high fashion, avant-garde designs with the wearability and comfort of everyday sneakers! Witty prints and charm embellishments adorn wedge heels and ballet pumps, while neon hues and dapper linings add a kitschy-pop spunk. One can pick a pair of heels as high as 5 inches from the label but still be assured that they would be comfortable enough to walk marathon distances in. Turns out, dreams do come true!

Oft-reimagined, sometimes subverted, exciting, diverse, and exhibiting an undeniable joie de vivre, Chalk Studio likes to make and break fashion rules.

Shoes your daddy now?

(You can reach Chalk Studio on Facebook or on Instagram and twitter as @chalkstudio.)

Flying Fish

If ever a fish "bent" the trend then it would be a Flying Fish! Equally comfortable in its element ­– water – and out of it – air!

Founder and designer Nikita Bose tells us a little about the silver jewellery she designs (with just enough whimsy, to make us sit up and take notice), under the Flying Fish brand: “I love to wear silver jewellery myself, except that most of what is available is either too traditional or looks like it was stamped out in a factory! It was also extremely difficult to find pieces of jewellery which were traditional – toe rings and nose rings for instance – yet easy and comfortable to wear, seamlessly adapting to our moods, needs and clothes.”

“What I also love about silver,” she tacks on, “is the way it ages, the nicks and dents that only make it more beautiful, and the lack of stress in wearing and flaunting it, unlike when you’re wearing gold or diamonds.”

“I think by not following trends, we go beyond them,” she finishes with flair. So expect lots of fuss free jewellery, including but not limited to light hand harnesses, brooches, rings, nose pins and lots of earrings!

Bling it on!

(You can find Flying Fish  on Facebook  or on Instagram and twitter as @flyingfishaccessories.)


Founder Divya Sawhney is the brainchild behind Fooljhadi which offers hand-embroidered jewellery including hand-crafted pieces made of metal and Gota jewelry including but not limited to earrings, chokers, neckpieces, maang-tikas, bangles and rings.

“I always wanted to bring something new to the market,” Divya begins, “and after a couple of experiments, Fooljhadi was born. I hope that in the coming years, Fooljhadi will become an international name seeing how we are an act apart from the norm – it is unlikely you will see such traditional hand embroidered work on jewellery and there’s definitely a place for it to be well-received in any market.”

(You can find Fooljhadi on Facebook or on Instagram as @fooljhadi.)

Go Spiff!

Go Spiff! endeavours to restore and curate vintage eyewear, accessories and curios. Born in the summer of 2013, it is the answer to founders Mansi Sharma and Pritish Chatterjee’s question: “How do we bring vintage to people? And what the hell do we do about our love for Calvin & Hobbes?!”

Baptised ‘Go Spiff!’ based on the alter ego of their favourite comic character (sidebar, Mansi also wears the hat of ‘Supreme Dictator For Life’ for the same reason), their collection boasts design sensibilities from the elegant 60s, the rebellious 70s and the whacky 80’s, made available at accessible and affordable prices to boot.

“Our brand is for anyone and everyone who appreciates good design and is taken in by these charming relics of the years gone by,” Mansi tells us before launching into a description of the loot you’re likely to find with them: Dude's Day Out (representing the peak of the 80s biking subculture), Steamfunks (inspired by 19th century steampunk subculture), Russian Spys (that bring back the 70s and their revolutionary movements) and on that note, the rest is a secret stash that you stand to discover at the trunk show!

(You can find Go Spiff! on Facebook or on Instagram and twitter as @gospiffgo.)


Bangdar Sarali has been nurturing a secret pet project: Ikroop, named after the founder-designer-artist, Ikroop Dhillon. And we found so much pretty in it’s line of accessories that use an art technique called Murano (yes, named after the island off Venice, also considered the mecca of fused glass art in general)!

Ikroop tells us about the creation process, which includes melting glass in a kiln at over 1000 degrees followed by various treatments until the end result of one-of-a kind hues and forms are achieved.

“The cabochons created in the studio are then designed into accessories, which are contemporary and wearable yet one-of a kind since no two pieces are ever identical,” she continues with a smile, “thereby, making our accessories a true testament to art, or as we like to call it, ‘art that you can wear’.”

Ikroop is the first indie art studio to use Murano glass crafts and to marry Indian karigari with the finest European art techniques. A match made in heaven? We think so too.

(You can find Ikroop on Facebook or on Instagram as @Ikroop.in)

Malleka Studio

Creative Head Mallika Singh tells us about Malleka Studio: ‘a young, underground design house that creates statement body harnesses for sexy, strong women.’ Each of their pieces are edgy, fierce and bold, designed to make both the wearer and their outfits look and feel like they’re a class apart.

“After working as a fashion designer for a few mainstream fashion week designers , I decided to branch out on my own,” she begins. “I made everything , from dresses to saris to menswear and accessories before realizing that people really really loved my jewelry. Before my company was even registered, Vogue picked up on a piece of mine and did a small feature. That was my 'eureka moment'”, she smiles. “I had created something with my bare hands and it was endorsed by the biggest fashion magazine in the world. That feeling… it was quite something."

Malleka Studio’s designs are for people who want to experiment with their look, and love fashion, but often cant afford big labels and their accompanying price tags. “We are a statement, but you don’t have to give up an arm and leg to own one of our pieces.”

Isn’t that nic(h)e?

(You can find Malleka Studio on Facebook or on Instagram as @mallekastudio.)


Created by animal lover, volunteer and activist, Akriti Kochar, Perch is a line of sexy, comfortable and affordable nightwear and loungewear, that was born shortly after she returned to India after her time spent procuring a degree at Raffles University in 2015.

“We take delight in making super-comfy, beautiful sleepwear,” Akriti says, “but we’re not about a ‘stay in all weekend’ vibe nor do we endorse the ‘pyjamas all day’ theory. Perch doesn’t believe in laziness. Treat yourself to a good night’s sleep, dream sweet dreams and rise to beautiful mornings with a perchy attitude!” We couldn’t agree more.

There’s something for everyone: luxury nightwear at affordable pricing, products for women aged between ages 15 to 50, and each product with its own fun quirky name – usually song titles. Most recently, they’ve also launched a collection of travel and organizing bags which are simple, chic, practical and useful for all sorts of organizing needs.

(You can find Below the Belt on Facebook or on Instagram as @belowthebelt_BTB.)