Destination Inspired Décor: Go Places


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“I’m a travel addict on the road to recovery. Just kidding, I’m on the road to the airport!”

You can always bring home a bit of your vacation or you can do up your home like the globetrotter you are. We prefer the latter, naturally, because who doesn’t want such an extraordinary opportunity to makeover a space and give it oodles of character.

And we’ve chosen five favourite holiday spots too, each with bold, clear-cut style statements that you can’t just help but fall in love with.

Victorian English Charm

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Nobody does vintage and quirky charm better than the English, so if you’re looking to instantly endear, there’s no better or simpler way really, to go about it, than by turning to the Victorians for some quick tips.

Think delicate tube roses in apothecary jars and pastel tinted glass bottles lined up on window sills; tapering candles on stands or candelabras on your dining table; finely patterned china at tea-time – milk jugs, sugar pots, canapé dishes, tiered cake trays; mount multiple framed photographs, silhouttes, paintings and portraits and do it using antique frames or flea market finds all on a single wall against a vintage headboard to achieve instant vintage glam; finally, when it comes to fabrics, think sweet florals, pretty pastel, wispy lace and make everything – right from the drapes, to the cushions, to the quilts on your bed, as feminine as can be.

Parisian Chic

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It’ll be a cold day in July before the French lose their edge when it comes to understated elegance. Nobody, but nobody, does ‘drop dead gorgeous’ like Paris.

Think minimal but sophisticated; instantly we’re reminded of elaborate pillows and shams set off against pristine white sheets and the softest of quilts; intricately patterned wallpaper, monogrammed towels, scented candles and unfussy arrangements of flowers in vases; balconies with window boxes spilling over with peonies; discreet dinnerware that doesn’t compete with French fare – chocolate croissants, buttery apple crumble, perfect melt in your mouth macarons…

Mahalo Hawai

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We have many things to thank Hawai for. There’s the spirit of Aloha for starters – which is used in greeting sure, but also means to love, to live and is used for all things that bring a smile to people’s faces on the island i.e. to surf, swim, dive, drive, eat and drink and dance together on the beach… And then there’s Shaka, which means to ‘hang loose’ and relax. Could you want a cooler vibe for your home?

Go tropical. Fill your house with greens – preferably the air purifying kind. If they flower, like peace lilies do, even better, we say! Think along the same nautical and tropical lines when you select fabrics for your bedroom, and while upholstering. Stack shelves with beachy knick-knacks: shells in bell jars, or go one step further and craft your own DIY shelves using repurposed driftwood! Grow bougainvillea and frangipani in your garden. Hang as many lanterns from as many boughs and branches as you can and scatter votives across decks, tables, mantels and tables. Find a place for a hammock or a swing. Other things that remind us of Hawai? An outdoor fire-pit or barbeque and bar by a pool… heck maybe even an installation using a surfboard or two.

Ooooh Peru!

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Peru with it’s incredible colours, gastronomy, street art, food and culture, beautiful beaches, ancient history and architectural marvels is a kaleidoscope of experiences just waiting to be discovered.

A Peruvian home is a riot of hues and a celebration of true hedonism – bohemia at it’s best. Think wild ferns, mix and match cushions in bold colours, ikat rugs, hand woven kilims and hangings mounted alongside a Spanish guitar on the wall, colourful throws on light cane furniture, hand crafted baskets to hold odds and ends, open shelves stacked with beautiful hardcover books on everything from vegan cooking from scratch to surfing and like true maximalists, there’s no shying away from tying texture, colour, curios and embracing a more is less style of decorating at every stage.

Moroccan Sahara (with a little help from Morocco!)

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Who isn’t dreaming of fragrant spice markets and steaming cups of herbal tea as soon as we say the words Morocco? Who isn’t conjuring up images of the great bazaar, throngs of people hawking their beautiful wares – silken robes, vials of attar and incense, votives and candles and essential oils, intricately patterned ceramics meant to seduce.

Bring exactly this kind of middle eastern magic into your home. Start with dimming the lights and using hurricane lamps, candles and votives for mood lighting instead. Mount a collection of wall plates on a blank space to add to the mood. Throw in some props – a glass hookah, perhaps an antique mirror, a cosy rug on the floor and textured cushions and throws for a divan. Light some incense and maybe if you have company, rent Casablanca for the night.