DIY Diwali: Bling Baby Bling


This Diwali, we’re giving the gift of bright ideas! Two super fun DIY projects that promise to bring smiles all around and leave everyone beaming with joy.

Player Level: Pro!

Make our hanging fireflies and give your festivities this year a quirky and whimsical spin.

What you need:

  1. One metre of bendable wire that you can twist and shape, cut in two equal halves.
  2. One metre of lacey, see through fabric.
  3. Electrical wire(s) with a fitted bulb holder on one end and a plug on the other end – one for each firefly. Buy these in varying lengths to suit the height of your eventual display and to create the illusion of fireflies dancing. Pay a visit to your local hardware store and explain your requirement to them – most will kit you out easily.
  4. Zero watt bulb(s) – as many as you intend to make, one for each wire and firefly.
  5. Golden acrylic paint.
  6. Golden acrylic paint.
  7. Fevibond Glue.
  8. Woolen yarn and an appropriately sized stitching needle that allows you to thread the yarn through.

How to:

  1. Bend and shape wire to create the frame of each wing – when you’re done you should have a single curvy teardrop made of half a metre of wire. You will need two such identical looking wings for each fun faux firefly. Twist firmly at the end so that the shape holds.
  2. Using the frame created cut two pieces of lacey fabric – one for each wing – leaving a one centimeter margin all around.
  3. Mount the fabric onto the wire frame of your wing by sewing it on using the woolen yarn.
  4. Using Fevibond, stick two wings together to create the wing span of a single firefly.
  5. Use Fevibond again, to stick the wings, this time onto the holder of your bulb.
  6. Paint the holder and the exposed wire end evenly, using gold paint.
  7. Fit the bulb into the holder. You now have one complete firefly.

Make as many as desired for your super installation and hang from a ceiling or alcove for best results. Plug them in and voila – a string of Glowbugs so gorgeous, anybody would be smitten!

Player Level: Beginner!

For those who like their DIYs easy as pie, we have just the recipe for you, so your installation is smooth sailing, just like we hope your new year will be. We even have all the ingredients you need which you can shop online so you don’t need to leave the comfort of your home! Aren’t we the best?

What you need:

  1. To make a larger pyramid, as many of our fairy dust glass lanterns as desired. To make a smaller pyramid, as many of our glittery votive holders that come in a variety of colours, textures and finish, so pick your favourites, or all of them like we did!
  2. A string of fairy lights – one for each stack of jars and/or votive holders.

How to:

  1. Stack fairy dust glass lanterns in desired shape. For instance if you have a window sill you could stack one on top of two and then line them up along the length. If you’re creating a centerpiece for your table create a more solid base of at least four jars and then build upwards on this.
  2. To create smaller installations, build similar stacks with our votive holders. They come in all kinds of shapes, colours, texture and finish so we’ve got something for everyone. Mix and match if you’d like.
  3. Once you’ve created your pyramid trail fairy lights through the jars or the votive holders, draping randomly as you go. Switch on and watch the magic flicker to life.

Have a super Diwali everyone!

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