We are a women-led homegrown Indian brand creating playfully designed products that celebrate creativity, handcrafted aristanship & life's little pleasures.

What We Believe In


We hand paint all our designs; from our ceramics to our metal-works, which are handcrafted and painted in small batches, and produced by karigars across India.

Handcrafted & Artisanal

As animal lovers - we made firm decisions to minimize animal-based products (we don't work with leather as a material) in our offering and have maintained that our Mad Teapot cafes serve only vegetarian fare. Though we aren’t perfect, we are striving to be as environmentally-led as possible and take steps towards sustainable practises everyday through our packaging, curation and design.


Everything we do starts with real women, and we champion that: we listen to our customers and constantly evolve to serve you better. We expect every interaction with The Wishing Chair to be friendly and welcoming and that our products are priced for their value, not their “exclusivity”.

Real and Relatable

Ours is a self-funded business with a lot of help from our friends and family. We aim to be responsible and sustainable in the long term. We hold our values sacred, and would never compromise on them in pursuit of mindless growth. In a perfect world, we would like both – so let’s see what the future holds!

Small is Beautiful

Our name is derived from one of our favourite Enid Blyton books we read as kids: The Adventures of The Wishing Chair.

The eponymous chair was magical and could take you you wished. We loved the trans-portative nature of this idea, and that our spaces should stir a certain nostalgic longing to that dreamy, joyful, happy place we all yearn for. And so the name stuck.

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