Our Ceramics

Ceramics is our favorite material at The Wishing Chair design studio. We embrace a maximalist design approach, juxtaposing colour, patterns and our Indian heritage to create unique designs

Our Commitment

High Quality & Handcrafted

101 Ceramics

All ceramic materials start with clay, which is comprised mostly of aluminium oxide, silicon dioxide, and water. Various materials are added to the clay mixture to give it the desired characteristics and then fired at a temperature to ensure it becomes vitrified.

Different clay bodies and different firing procedures yield ceramics with different properties. Those physical characteristics determine the suitable applications, perceived quality, and value of each type. The most common types of ceramic you'll find in stores are Earthenware, Stoneware, Dolomite, Porcelain & Bone China.

Hand Painted Stoneware

Casual, Versatile, A good balance between durability, weight & price

Fine Bone China

Premium Dinnerware, Lightweight, Translucent and Delicate in feel, with a milky appearance

Our Process


Liquid clay is poured into plaster moulds to create green bodies. The water in the slip is drawn out into the walls of the plaster mould, leaving an inside layer of solid clay, which hardens quickly.


In stoneware - master artisans paint directly on the green body which are then glazed. Post this they are stacked and sent for firing In Bone China the decals are pasted on with precision to ensure correct placement.


Stoneware is fired in a kiln at 1200 degrees celsius and let to cool before its taken out and sorted. Bone China is fired at 800 degrees celsius.