Holi-days are here again!

That time of the year again, when everybody is all about cutting loose and having as much fun as they can with their loved ones. And while they’re at it, also trying to infuse as much colour as possible into their homes, their day, maybe even the entire holiday weekend. Yay!

The festival of colour is maybe one of our favourite times of the year. In close competition with the festival of lights, of course. And while there are certain obvious things you can do to make sure it’s that much more fun for all the guests invited to your holi party…


1. Use organic, or if possible all natural, no chemical dry colours – think of it as taking one for team environment, but also being considerate of your guests and potential allergies they might otherwise have.

2. Spike a punch bowl or two with bhaang (it is the desi way to go after all) but make sure you also keep plenty of hydrating non-boozy (for lack of a better word) drinks around for your guests so they can sober up and the same goes for food, glorious food.

3. Most holi parties are outdoor / garden affairs, so make sure you have a way for guests to hose off, so they don’t feel too much guilt trailing colours onto your couch, when they finally come indoors. And so on and forth…

Here’s the kicker lovebugs. You can also make this holi even more colourful! Who says colour can only be messy fun? Who says it’s all about gulaal? What if holi this year, could invade every space of your home so it’s as bright and beautiful as sprinkles on a snow-cone? Now, if that doesn’t sound like a delicious idea, we don’t know what else could?

1.Got A Soft Spot For Bright Colours?

Wear it on your sleeve this festive season with our comfy cushions that come in bright bands of colours. Kantha, blockwork, print, patterns, patchwork… we’ve got you covered, literally! Layer your couches and diwans with as many of these as you can to make a stunning statement.

2. How To Cut A Rug This Holi?

With one of our stunning block-printed, one-of-a-kind dhurries of course. They’re both hand and machine washable, which means everybody can relax and dance the day away without the slightest of worries. Bonus: just look at these beauties? Of course they’re gonna have you bopping around in delight!

3. Wear Rose Coloured Glasses Much?

This festive season, not a soul will complain. Goad everyone into the same kind of good cheer and merrymaking by serving beverages of your choice in these gorgeous stained and textured glassware. Turquoise, emerald, salmon…. ooh, these babies are definitely to have and to hold, forever and ever!

4. You Know What’s Irresisitible Paraffin-alia?

These stunning candle stands that come in all sorts of colours and textures. Stack ’em up, with or without votives to go with, these beauties will draw attention to themselves like moths are drawn to a flame.

5. Last But Not The Least, Never Throw In The Towel Lovebugs

And to make sure you have all the support in the world to always shine brighter, to keep going against all odds, one last little (shy) contribution from the elves at the wishing chair – bright block printed towels for that marble mantel in the guest bath. So that even when the party’s finally over, and the mundane chores of washing up and getting clean must begin, everyone smiles.

So that even goodbyes are colourful, memorable, and promise yet another party, just around the corner.

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