Pirouette Perfect: Keep Calm And Carousel On

Today we’re dishing out the design process behind our festive, funfair inspired ware.

You’ll notice careful detailing and pretty patterns that remind you instantly of carousels and candy, popsicles and playgrounds, so don’t be too surprised if you also feel a little swoop of excitement when you trail your fingers across these lovely knickknacks – that’s deliberate too – much like how your heart leaps a little, right before the roller coaster starts racing.

Carnival A-Go-Go

The spark was both simple and sudden. Drawing on our most intimate and magical memories – sticky candy floss evenings spent with our families atop a ferris-wheel, holding hands with a loved one seated on musical horses that made our world spin, watching the sun go down and the city light up a distant skyline in silent promise.


The carnival collection is illustrated to meticulous detail with print coordinates that instantly transport you to sultry, almost-autumnal, mardi gras moments.


Pay special attention to the accompanying motifs – classic chevron, smooth-operating stripes, sweet scallops and delightfully dotty arrangements – that are oh-so-evocative of retro pageantry, liberally sprinkled across the collection, all lovingly tinted in perfectly pastel colour palettes, grounding the design in firmly feminine turf.


Play Days

Reminiscent of cool breezy nights watching fireworks glow bright, the aroma of liberally buttered popcorn and corn dogs in the air, string lights holding their own with the stars, and retro tunes on a jukebox you could play over and over, this assortment of vintage air-brushed memories will have you tumbling down the rabbit hole to days where laughter rang out loud and suffused you with warmth and joy.

So (merry) go round one of our stores and we’re certain you’ll fall right back in time (and love) with all that’s on offer –beautifully bound books of crisp notepaper (like anybody could ever resist stationery), eye-catching cushion covers, ceramic coffee mugs and delicate dessert plates, each designed to delight.

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