The Delights of Distraction No.5

Hey There,

In April, we - Vivita and Avneet, the co-founders of The Wishing Chair,  released the "Delights of Distraction" newsletters; a grab-bag of some of our favorite links across the internet that lent some diversion, inspiration and solace during these unsettling times. We hope to continue this weekly correspondence as long as it resonates with you, our readers -  our true sources of joy and delight. 

It's been almost a week since Lockdown 4.0 was announced and going by some of the traffic on the streets, you'd think COVID19 never happened. Everything has changed, but we remain the same. Does that mean we would ever go back to the way things were? The new normal still feels a little unsettling, like walking from life before lockdown to life after, on a creaky wooden bridge. 

As we intrepidly stumble into this evolving new world: some good news -  we are now shipping ACROSS India. But our stores are still closed except our Bangalore outlet, so keep shopping with us online if you're so inclined. 

Alright, enough chitter chatter from us, here are some of our favourites this week:

To Read: As a women-led, women-driven brand, we have been following the debate on why women-led countries were better at handling the pandemic. Here's a perspective which we felt explained why in a holistic way: It has less to do with the leaders themselves and more to do with the kind of societies that elect them.

To Marvel: Miniatures have had our hearts since our dollhouse years, as we would collect every tiny object that could furnish our mini-me version of home. When we discovered the work of ceramic miniaturist Troy Schmidt, our awe was anything but mini!  Scroll through his insta feed for some pure joy.

To Watch: Chris and Liam Hemsworth, Ryan Reynolds, Meryl Streep and Benedict Cumberbatch are among stars taking part in a group reading of Roald Dahl’s beloved classic James and the Giant Peach to raise money for the fight against coronavirus. The book is a fab nostalgic narration, enjoyable for you (if you're child-adults like us) but especially for your little ones, as it's a wacky and wonderful tale about resilience in children, triumph in adversity and dealing with a sense of isolation (relevant, much?). Roald Dahl also happens to be one of our top favourite authors, for imbuing the idea that with a little imagination, the world is filled with endless possibilities. Watch it here

To Cook:  Now that lockdown is easing, you might look forward to hosting a few of your long-lost friends, for a fun little mask&santizer, social-distancing lunch! Don't stress about dessert, as this is a list of 10 easy desserts that take less than 30 mins to make: cakes that bake up in a flash, cookies that require little more than stirring and scooping, all come together with ease and bakery-level yumminess. We tried the brownie cookies which were lip-smackingly good. Check them out here

To Ponder: Though the last two months have been devastating, the virus has shone awareness on personal and public hygiene -  we could do with less spitting on streets and BO! If like us, you have wondered about these changes becoming permanent or whether we will go back to our filthy ol' ways  - this article may have some answers. Christina Gravert explains how we can convert the initial emotional high toward new public health behaviors into long-term change, through "nudges". Now if all men on public transport can be "nudged" into permanently social distancing from me, that would be great! 

To Learn:  If you have always wanted to improve core, flexibility, and mobility and never got around to it, or if you have never worked out or are new to movement. Sanctum Pilates is offering FREE  virtual studio classes till the end of the month via zoom. Their classes are starting with the basics so they are suitable for all levels. Learn the ABC's of pilates free while you can, she's one of the most patient, gentle trainers out there! Find them on Instagram here.

And finally, a quote we read recently that has stuck with us - 'the pandemic is undeniably collective, yet distinctly personal'. How it's affected us and what we are going to take from it is unique to each one of us. We're all rocked by the same storm, but we're all in very different boats (some of us in cruise ships - some in barely a raft!). We would love to hear how the storm has impacted you and what positive changes you're going to be making for yourself going forward, as you row safely, to shore. 

As always, stay safe and keep carrying your light,
Vivita and Avneet

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