#TWCPicks: 5 Wall Decor Faves

Welcome to a brand new series of personal favorites of our team members,just for you lovebugs. Easy on the eye and it lets you make your own super checklists at the blink of an eye. Like magic, we know!

This week, our uber-talented Design Director, Manorath Dhillon, dishes on how never to draw a blank, when it comes to doing up your walls. Ain’t that just swell?

Most things that find a place in my home are reminders of the places that I've been to or things that are close to my heart. I believe every object has the potential of becoming art and all that really matters is, what is the story behind it. Does it have a history, a beginning, a tale to tell? I promise, if yes, it will find a special place in my house.

Here, are some of my favourite objets d’art from The Wishing Chair. We had a lot of fun designing them and I hope you find them as much fun while browising our collection.

1. Cabinet of Curiosity

I love this adorable ceramic curio – not only does it add colour and fun to the collection of all-things-vintage that I keep proudly on display at my home studio, it also happens to be a type of camera that I could never, ever find, for all the flea markets and antique bazaars I scoured! An illustration of said camera with a little heart, perfectly displays my love for this little knickknack.

2. Under The Sea Wall Hoops

Aren’t whales just among the most beautiful creatures you’ve ever seen? How can anybody not fall in love with these gentle giants of the sea? I dream of the day when I can finally swim amongst them, and yet my fear of deep, dark waters keeps my fascination for the ocean and its inhabitants, carefully at bay. These wall hooks then serve as a daily reminder to me, that I need to get over my fears (don’t we all?) and learn how to deep sea dive, if only to check this big one off my bucket-list.

3. Basket Weaved Giraffe

Haaaave you met Melman, the friendly giraffe? Just FYI, this little cutie has made himself perfectly at home in my patio. Strategically placed to hide a small bulb, he illuminates my jungle-green nook beautifully and blends right in with all my plants.

4. Inky Indigo Wall Plates

This is a special one. I have this, well, sort-of obsession you could say, where every time I visit old architectural sites, I try to capture the perfect symmetry of the cupola from inside. With domes and arches, minarets that reach into the sky, beautiful carvings, intricate patterns and heartbreakingly lovely ruins that somehow retain every bit of their mystic old world charm. Frustratingly though, even after lying down flat on the ground (in order to somehow capture that perfection), I've never quite been able to! They do say, “take only memories,” I console myself, at times like this. So when our gorgeous collection of inky indigo plates happened – a very special take on Moroccan architecture – I just had to have them. How could I not? They are a reminder of the numerous domes enshrined in my memory, but never in a photo album.

5. Prickle Wall Hooks

At The Wishing Chair, we firmly believe Green is the new black. We recycle broken china into planters, convert teacups into succulent holders, stash money-plants and other hydrophytes into every glass bottle that comes our way and line our window sills with indoor evergreens and hanging vines. For me then, these prickle wall hooks were just another way to show my love for all things green – another way to bring the great outdoors inside. And I’m so pleased I did.

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