#TWCPicks: Photo Op(portunities)


Welcome to a brand new series of carefully curated lists that we’ve decided to put together, just for you lovebugs. Easy on the eye and easier still to share. Bonus, it lets you make your own super checklists in a snap. Like magic, we know!

This week, our super Stylist, Barkha Engineer, dishes on her go-to favourite props, whenever she’s on a shoot. Freeze frame this!


1. Planters:


There’s nothing like a bit of green to infuse new life into boring spaces. Add instant colour and fresh fun to any frame by using planters. And remember, that anything can be used to house a plant – in fact, I say the quirkier your holder, the better!


2. Doilies:


I love using doilies as props simply because they add instant vintage charm, visual interest and can makeover even the most boring surfaces. Plus they’re super easy to source. Mix and match patterns, or use both cloth and paper, to add further textural interest.


3. Food:


Food is the answer to most questions in my head! But there’s also nothing quite like food to add instant freshness and pops of colour to a photograph. Spices, fruit, herbs, greens…. when it comes to choosing ingredients for a shoot, the world is literally your oyster!


4. All Things Vintage:


They say old is gold, and this is particularly true I find, when it comes to visual props! A little retro goes a long way – announcing perhaps intuitively, that what you’re viewing is in many ways, classic. A typewriter, polaroid images, postcards… these are generally all my go-to favourites.


5. Books:


Who doesn’t love books? They instantly draw attention to themselves, and therefore, to the photograph as well. We have a great collection of books at The Wishing Chair, and I find myself repeatedly using them in multiple ways during our shoots.

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