9 Ways To Spruce Up Your Walls On A Budget: Steal Deal!

Come Christmas, and you can deck your walls with boughs of holly – it’s hallmark tradition even. But what does one do the rest of the year?

At The Wishing Chair, we might just have figured this one out for you. So without further ado, here’s our list of ideas – nine fine ways to wall decor. Glam slam!

1.Picture Perfect: Nothing brings more individuality to a home quite like photographs of family and friends. So pick a fond memory, blow it up and have them framed in quirky, playful photo frames. We recommend soft pastels - cotton candy pinks, soothing mints or refreshing blues – serene colours to add a touch of warmth to your most precious moments.


2.Animal Farm: The Wishing Chair loves all things great and small. And you could have your very own petting zoo at home, with a neat little collection of wall mounted animals. Add oodles of character to your space, with metal -heads of elephants or these reindeer in bright pop colours. A menagerie of bird hooks perhaps? As if you could even say no to such adorable creatures.


3.Smart Art: Who doesn’t heart wall art? Add a minimalist touch to your décor with a collection of beautifully crafted silhouettes – black and white is great, and makes for a classic look. If you prefer a little more whimsy, mix and match unusual animal prints that make you smile. To add a feminine touch to a cosy kitchen table nook, or a tricky corner, try a floral metallic wreath – timeless, we know.


4.Love Triangle: We know you work hard, and think you deserve to party harder. So we went hunting for some bunting! Drape your walls with these pretty streamers – try a chic floral design or something bright and many-hued. Let every day inspire some fun and feasting. TGIF, baby!


5.Need for Seed: Bring a miniature garden inside your home and with it, some magic – it’s really okay every once in a while, to leave the pixies in your backyard or the local friendly gnome, a little green with envy. Create a window display of gorgeous planters, nestle some pretty green succulents inside a glass terrarium or two, or maybe give a vertical garden a shot. Cool beans, huh?


6.Snap Happy: Laundry doesn’t always need to be a chore. This writer herself, found it impossible to resist these picture-frames swinging jauntily from a string of eco-friendly jute. Hand-pick pictures of merriment, use tiny wooden clothespins and hang along the besotted line.


7.Spelling Bee: Here’s a fun way to cook up a storm. Try hanging vintage embroidery hoops with colourful fabrics or individual letters in pretty fonts - almost monogram like – and create a charming, endearing arrangement. Alphabet soup anyone?


8.Walk the Chalk: Get bonus points for display. Use chalkboard paint to create a doodle-happy wall – perhaps in a kitchen, or the back of a display cabinet. Try framing a mantel with clever strokes and create pops of colour by stacking your quirkiest odds and ends – glassware, pottery, colourful jars, china vases, souvenirs you couldn’t resist collecting while on holiday… maybe it’ll even inspire that ‘it’s the end of another school-year’ kind of excitement again.

9.The Great Wall of China: They don’t call it one of the Seven Wonders of the World for nothing. So go forth, and make it your own already. Choose cleverly illustrated ceramic wall plates and mix and match. As a matter of fact, The Wishing Chair has a perfectly adorable collection if you’re looking to get started. Ceramic plates make great bait – particularly if you’re looking to reel in a few admirers.  

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