Behind the Design: Mood Indigo

The holiday season is behind us, and the grind of a new year is well and truly underway. And boy do we understand if that’s got you feeling a little low. Cause we felt the same way, right up until we realized we could turn our feelings inside out, and upside down.

Our blues reinterpreted could mean a piece of sky; could mean the inky depths of the ocean we love so much, a handful of fresh berries that we baked into a pie, a potted orchid swaying cheerily on our sill, a flash of butterfly wings in the park… And who wouldn’t be seduced by such hues?

Everyday I Have The Blues

Which is why we decided we’d celebrate one of our favourite colours, in all its myriad hues, while also crowning our in-house reigning favourite – royal Indigo – king. Dark and brooding, a little dangerous and just enough of a bad boy to arrest attention and hold it, this month, our behind the design, is a love story that’s rolling in the deep.

Sure it begins in the shallows, with ceramics that are slow, languid and cerulean – almost cobalt but not just yet. Featuring next, textured glassware that ripples azure, like the surface of the glittering Bosphorus in the sun. And like the precious wares which sailed down its waters, next up are canisters flaunting middle-eastern motifs in navy, conjuring up memories of (my) melancholy floors – dated, old world charm that has a way of settling in your chest, as slow, certain and elemental as a heartbeat.

Wake Me Up When You Indi-Go-Go

Until we float on further. To dinner plates, dessert plates and monogrammed mugs, all sporting patterns that remind us of a bustling bazaar in the far east, in colours reminiscent of the Mediterranean – a dash of saffron against sapphire and teal.

And onwards still, until we arrive at dark, Delphian Indigo – devastating in it’s allure and poised loveliness. We gave it pride of place, staining multiple wall plates in myriad patterns – one of our favourites, orient-inspired florals, white against blue, a visual pun i.e. at once the colour and the plant. And to go with, some more that simply invert the colour scheme – blue against white.

What a dish! Wouldn’t you say?

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