Behind The Design: Primrose Hill

Earlier this year, The Wishing Chair team got together to watch the beautiful film Amélie – all of us instantly transported, even those of us who hadn’t even been, to hip Montmartre. There must be magic in moving pictures after all!


“These are tough times for dreamers” – Amélie

Speaking of Amélie, has there ever even been such a feel good, fun film? Leave aside the music, the cinematography, the overall atmosphere if you will, to arrive now at the story – a collection of seemingly insignificant yet astonishing events chronicled carefully in a diary by writer-director Jean-Pierre Jeunet for over 20 years, before they were compiled to make this heartbreakingly lovely piece of cinema.


Consider for instance the tagline of the film, “one person can change your life.” And you will find yourself in agreement with us, that Amélie’s destiny – if only on the big screen – is nothing short of fabulous. And it is this very fabulousness that inspired our latest collection, as well as this story dear reader –behind the scenes of the creative design process of ‘Primrose Hill’.

Process this!

Our story begins with a single pencil sketch of a Parisian window, followed up quickly by multiple doodles – think stained glass arches, curving balustrades, miniature planters on balconies bursting into bloom, wrought iron frames and grills so typically French, you wouldn’t believe! Are your feet wobbly under (imagined) cobbly streets yet?

Next up – the color render. We used various hues to fill in the illustrations, narrowing it down to soothing blue-green mint and classic lavender-grey, reminiscent of characteristically laid-back French suburbia – chic, yet strikingly unique – settling eventually, on the latter. Welcome to Primrose Hill everyone. Can anyone look at this enchanting collection and not swoon?

Inspired as much by the charming, hip streets of Montmartre and the carefree playfulness of Amélie, the film, we love how our latest line-up, brims over with quirky and heartening leitmotifs – Je t’aime.

Redolent as a summer that every girl deserves – fragrant mornings that involve a french press and a sunny, flower-filled alcove, paved pathways, perfect to ride a vintage red bicycle through, the aroma of freshly baked baguettes and cheese in every grocery store, “bonjour belle”s uttered with the tip of hats – Primrose Hill is exactly the kind of walk down memory lane you’ll love and hold close to your heart. And for those who haven’t already been, prepare to be transported! (Magic, remember?)

Wine bags, journals, gifting trunks and bags, stationary, wrapping paper – we have you covered – and all in gorgeous feminine pastels. To complement this palette we’ve used fun smidgens of polka dots and checks that never go out of style. Got a nook that needs cushion-spiration? Try our whimsical new collection; you can’t help but smile.


Shop the collection here.

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