Welcome to our November Behind the Design. This month we’re celebrating water-babies everywhere, and reliving our notoriously beachy escapades, more specifically, our footloose and fancy freediving adventures off islands so beautiful, that even months after we return, we can hear them call out to us.

The Ocean Speaks To Those Who Listen

Blue waves breaking on golden sands, coconut fronds swaying and whispering in the wind, and all kinds of creatures to comfort us – from reef lives below the surf, white crabs scuttling about, to giant sea turtles that sail past you benignly and schools of brightly coloured fish that dart about in a game of tag you’ll never win.

As it happens, we’re also big proponents of conservation and clean seas at The Wishing Chair. Our mantra is, and now it can be yours too:

“Take only memories, leave only footprints behind.”

Wondering how you can bring some of those memories home? Here's how.

You Are Not A Drop In The Ocean, You Are The Entire Ocean In A Drop.

Shop the latest line of products at The Wishing Chair, designed especially to celebrate the underwater world: cushion covers emblazoned with colourful coral, starfish you can wish upon and majestic Hawksbill turtles to remind you that the best things in life are wild and free.

A wonderfully quirky blue whale planter for your dresser who we’ve named Willie, ceramic trinket dishes for your dresser in the shape of shells, complete with elaborate spirals that come as a set of three so you don’t have to pick one over the other, votive holders the colour of glittering seaglass, and ‘Let’s Go Diving’ notebooks – the perfect journal to carry with you to scribble happy thoughts in from the safe cocoon of your hammock when you’re on holiday next.

There’s also a whole range of table ware inspired by the colours of the ocean: Cobalt blue blown glass that is as delicate as the waves are when they cresting over you, glimmering in the sun and mirroring clouds; ceramic mugs, soup bowls and pitchers in perfect indigo, and textured azure glassware – each handcrafted piece utterly irresistible we assure you.

Just like the call of the deep blue.

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