Home Decor That Doesn't Break The Bank


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Makeovers, especially the kind you want to give your home are always a challenge on many accounts. Perhaps the most frightening aspect though, is the idea of how deep one often has dig into their own pockets, to be able to achieve this magic. But pocket friendly décor does exist, and all it takes is a little imagination to elevate the most staid corners of your house to sweet little nooks brimming over with whimsy, colour, creativity and personality.

Six Secrets to Achieve Instant Style On A Budget

1. The Great Wall of China: They don’t call it one of the Seven Wonders of the World for nothing. So go forth, and make it your own already. Choose cleverly illustrated ceramic wall plates and mix and match. As a matter of fact, The Wishing Chair has a perfectly adorable collection if you’re looking to get started. Ceramic plates make great bait – particularly if you’re looking to reel in a few admirers. Trust us on this one.

Mandala Wall Plates
(Product showcased : Mandala wall plates)


2. Tray, Tray and Tray Again Until You Succeed: Repurpose old mirrors to create a catch all and stack it with your favourite knick-knacks – a beautiful ceramic vase perhaps plus souvenirs from everywhere you’ve been? Alternately they make great jewellry holders, catch alls, a super surface for candle stands reflecting flickering flames, plus they’re one of a kind so they’re also a great conversation piece. Repurposing old stuff and using them in completely new ways is a great way to ‘waste not, want not’ sure, but you’ll also find, that they're suddenly the centre of attention.

2 tier jewellery stand
(Product showcased : Jewellery Stand)


3. Walk the Chalk:Get bonus points for display. Use chalkboard paint to create a doodle-happy wall – perhaps in a kitchen, or the back of a display cabinet. Alternately label canisters with chalkboard stickers or chalkboard paint, to create the same kind of vintage vibe – return to retro is easy, plus it never goes out of style!

Chalk Board Jar Labels
(Product showcased : Chalk board labels)


4. Bling Baby Bling: And the lord said, “let there be light!” Candles, Fairylights, Votives and lanterns are among the easiest of design hacks that exist. Mood lighting, check. Romance, check. Whimsy, check. Pocket-friendly, check, check and check! Layer a mantel with candles of varying sizes – tall, short, wide; stack a pyramid of votive holders like a pyramid and run fairy lights through them; hang paper lanterns that will sway in the breeze from a portico beam; use candle stands or upcycle old wine bottles to hold tapering candles and flickering flames as a dining table centerpiece… the ideas and opportunities are literally endless.

Mosaic Glass Tea Glow Light holder
(Product showcased : Mosaic glass tea glow light holders)


5. Smart Art: Who doesn’t heart wall art? Add a minimalist touch to your décor with a collection of beautifully crafted frame pressed leaves to create interesting wall decor pieces for your home. Use minimal frames like our 'Earth Song Frame' so it does;t take away from the piece itself. Alternately try stamping or watercolours on fine newsprint or faded newsprint to add a touch of old school wonder. DIY is beautiful, and it takes a special kind of person to be a maker, a fixer, a person who says, "what else can I do with this?"


6. Rugs not Drugs: Not only is wall to wall carpeting expensive and difficult to maintain it’s as boring as watching grass grow! Homes are so much more exciting when floors are a mixture of colours and texture – think marble in the bathrooms, wood paneled floors, gravel and stone in an outdoor area, patio deck tiles… Mix things up a little, throw in shag carpets and rugs and dhurries in various colours, textures and finish to add instant visual interest. Our block printed hand washable dhurries in particular make gorgeous additions to any home. Glam slam!

Block Workx Handmade Dhurrie
(Product showcased : Block Workx Handmade Dhurrie)


Home Decor on a budget ? Achievement unlocked.


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