Honor the Hand: Handpainted & Handcrafted


Nature is our muse and ceramics is our favorite medium.

All ceramic materials start with clay, which is comprised mostly of aluminium oxide, silicon dioxide, and water. Various materials are added to the clay mixture to give it the desired characteristics and then fired at a temperature to ensure it becomes vitrified.

Different clay bodies and different firing procedures yield ceramics with different properties. Those physical characteristics determine the suitable applications, perceived quality, and value of each type. What makes the ceramic truly vibrant is the surface design and our favorite is handpainted stoneware


Our design team works on sketches our inspirations on paper which are then painted with a special pen onto casted blanks. These are fired at 2200 degrees to see the final vitrified outcome. We sample hundreds of pieces every month in order to shortlist and finalize what will finally be produced for the stores. 

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