Sparkles at Dusk: Can I Get a Watt Watt?


It’s that time of year again when the monsoons have finally hit and all anybody ever wants to do after a long day at work, is come home, and cozy up on their couch with a book and a glass of wine. Bonus? Watching the trees sway in the wind and drops of rain run down your window panes.

Meanwhile, the elves at The Wishing Chair have been working on yet another upside, to every downpour. Add a warm fuzzy glow, to go every nook and corner of your home, with an assortment of mood lighting options. Begin here:

And Then There Was Light

1. CANDLES: The first rule of light club is, candles, candles and more candles. Buy them in all shapes and sizes, buy them fragrant and perfumed, buy them eco-friendly and hand poured – stack them up so they stand out and light ‘em up to create instant magic and romance.

2. CANDLE STANDS: Nothing adds elegance to a home quite like candle stands do. Whether it’s an antique candleabra that catches your fancy (use to create stunning dining table centerpiece displays, or give it pride of place on your mantel), or simple standalone pieces, that you can mix and match (try height variants to add visual interest), it’s nearly impossible to go wrong with these. Hello, glow stopper!

3. TEALIGHTS AND VOTIVES: Get your tea-lights all tarted up or use votives to create miniature magic. Mix and match votive holders that come in a crazy array of varieties these days for best results - stained glass, metallic holders with lace-cut designs, ceramic holders in gorgeous glazed hues… being spoilt for choice is a wonderful thing. Watch them flicker slow and sure. doesn’t hold a candle to these beauties!

4. CANISTERS: At The Wishing chair we love canisters of every shape, size and type. Fill these with miniature scented candles, tealights or LED candles even, so that you needn’t worry about accidents, nor will these go out until you put them out yourself.Hang them so they sway in the breeze, line them up on floating shelves, scatter them across a surface – a balcony deck or a staple for your coffee table. Get yours, light here, light now!

5. FAIRY LIGHTS: Fairy lights are the ultimate filament of imagination! There’s just so much you can do with them, and with little to no effort at all – drape them along a headboard, fill old wine bottles with whole strings of them to create brilliant DIY lamps, wrap them around a curving balustrade in a flower-filled alcove, or decorate the delicate curtains of your four poster bed with a LED variant… starry starry night, (flaming flowers that brightly blaze).

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest

6. ORIGAMI PAPER LAMPS: Who doesn’t love paper lanterns, especially when they’re swinging jauntily in the wind, lit up in myriad colours. But in this case, we say out with the old and in with the bold. Give your home a striking Japanese makeover with these gorgeous origami paper lanterns. Use them indoors or outdoors, and behold these folds, as old as time itself if you will, lend themselves to much-needed chandelier bling!

Here’s to magical evenings filled with sparkles an. 

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