#DIY: Gorgeous Giftwrap

Sure it’s what’s on the inside that counts, but pretty packaging on the outside goes a long way too. And if it’s the thought that counts, why shouldn’t you put as much care into wrapping the goodies you picked out so lovingly for that special someone? Make things twice as nice, we say!

Hand-picked indulgences deserve beautiful hand-crafted casing to go with – and boy, have we got you covered in this department.

Present Perfect – Non Verbal Edition

1. Rolls of paper that enamour: Have you met Peddlers? Or Enchanted Summer (vintage table roses meet minty English skies) and Periwinkle, if its sophistication and not that famously French savoir faire you’re looking for? Mr. Darcy lovers, we’re looking at you.


2. Bag it good: Don’t want the stress of messing with sticky tape and scissors that snip wonky lines? Choose from a wide array of gorgeous gift bags – no muss, no fuss.


3. Washi Tape drape: Peeps like this writer who love their newsprint and trusty brown paper, crafters who dip-dye, block print or sprinkle polka dots to make their own sweet sheets, raise the bar some more with Washi Tape. There’s literally a million ways to put this versatile staple to use.


4. Bows (and arrows to the heart): Get groovy with pretty paper bows. Watch with delight, when nobody puts baby in the corner.


5. Say it with stickers: Stamp champs, we’ve got 3D embellishments, scrapbooking stickers, chalkboard labels and what have you, to jazz up absolutely anything. Seal a gift envelope with a reminder to celebrate every day, laugh often and dance like nobody’s watching – because sticky notes are the new love letters.


6. Tag, you’re it: Use personalised gift tags in charming colours, reminiscent of a spring fling – could it get any easier?


7. Square pegs in round holes: Got a stubborn something that’s exquisite, out and proud? So much so that it refuses to be covered up? Who doesn’t love such unconventional head-turners? Put these not-so-ordinary knick-knacks or fragile beauties into custom gift boxes designed especially to have and hold with care and flair.


It’s just like The Beatles said, now, you can get by with a little help from these friends. 

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