Books are so easy to have and hold and love forever. They’re easily among the best gifts to give, because who doesn’t love themselves a new book or two? Almost all our favourite people are bibliophiles – people who read, who collect and who continue to hoard physical books instead of caving in and reading on their kindle. And why not? There’s a certain romance to books and everyone knows how much we love to share the love.

Which is why we put together this great list, all perfect for gifting to various people in your life. And may we suggest you procure a copy of each for yourself too, while you’re at it! Read on lovebugs.




A Beautiful Mess – Happy Handmade Home

Step inside the world of Elsie and Emma, the sisters behind the décor blog A Beautiful Mess. With tiny budgets and a crafty, can-do attitude, they overhauled each room in their first homes with DIY projects using family photos, vibrant fabrics, flea-market finds, and affordable furniture. Now you can too! Learn how to paint, craft, and decorate your way to a happy, bright space with distinct personality. Packed with bonus styling tips from hanging the perfect gallery wall to making mismatched furniture work.




Shake: A New Perspective On Cocktails

Design, cocktail, and culinary enthusiasts Eric Prum and Josh Williams realized that while cocktail bars have sprouted up just about everywhere, good drinks still couldn't be found in the one place where they always mixed them: at home with friends. One part instructional recipe book and one part photo journey through their year of cocktail crafting, the book is a simple and inspirational expression of their seasonal, straightforward approach to drinks and entertaining.




Homemade Beauty

A beautifully packaged collection of 150 all-natural skin, hair and body care recipes. From turning blueberries into a lush detoxifying mask to fresh lemongrass into a non-toxic bug repellent, Homemade Beauty takes the ubiquitous eat-local, farm-to-table concept and brings it to the beauty category. As reports on the dangers of chemicals in cosmetics become increasingly alarming and the aspiration to live a more natural life grows, take beauty regimens too, into your own hands. Recipes like Almond Rose Body Lotion, Coconut Lavender Shampoo, and Brown Sugar Vanilla Scrub will enchant you with heady scents – and thrill you when you realize these pampering products take only 5 minutes to make!




Dog Love

In Dog Love, Ann DeVito brings man’s best friend to life with a collection of vibrant illustrations and snappy descriptions that pay loving homage to pups from all walks of life—no pun intended—from sophisticated, recognized breeds to lovable mutts and everything in between. From Schnauzers to Chihuahuas, Mastiffs to Maltipoos, crime-sniffing Blood Hounds to chic Bichons, dogs have charmed humans across the world for centuries with their lovable quirks and appealing personalities. DeVito’s whimsical art combined with fun facts and quotes results in an elegant book that will delight dog lovers everywhere.




Hello Bicycle – (An Inspired Guide To The Two-Wheeled Life)

An inspirational and encouraging illustrated guide to the world of bicycles and cycling, with practical information on bike buying, riding, repairs, and maintenance as well as countless suggestions on how to better enjoy your wheels, from packing a bike picnic to crafting art projects using spare parts. Adorable illustrations and friendly tips such as the ones you’ll find here,make even the most daunting cycling endeavours seem doable! This inspiring, informative, and fun handbook offers something for everyone – whether you’re new to biking, looking to get back into it, or a seasoned rider who wants to take it to the next level.

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