This Valentine’s Day, Take Heart.


It’s almost Valentines Day lovebugs, and if you’re wondering how to go about telling the most important people in your life that you’re sweet on them, count on us to come through for you. And boy have we got you covered this year, with a handy little gift guide that’s got a little something in mind for everyone!

Present Perfect: Non Verbal Edition


We have just the thing for the perfect couple in your life, and it will warm them to their toes – literally! Choose from a wide range of super comfy, freshly patterned bed-linens – we recommend the gorgeous block-work cushions and quilts that go with. Watch them beam in surprise and pleasure as their room gets made over in a jiffy.


To Sir, With Love is so much more than a book when it’s February. It’s a gesture that will leave them glowing. May we suggest you say it by nestling new green life into one of our many quirky planters – such a great addition for their desk or windowsill.


You can’t live with them, you can’t live without them. Truer words were never spoken when it comes to describing a sibling. Watch them light up, when they unwrap this hip bicycle chain lamp that you picked out just for them.


You can never go wrong with books, especially when they’re as great as Meera Lee Patel’s Start Where You Are. This year, give a friend, the gift of self-discovery and gorgeous watercolours – that’s two things in one.


Aah, valentines day – a day that’s dedicated to romance and cupidity, to hand-holding and saying it with flowers, to wearing your heart on your sleeve and whatever else – shameless gift-giving for instance – will have your other half batting their eyelashes at you. For her? This chic jewellery stand for her dresser. For him? A monogrammed mug to start everyday with. You’re welcome.

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