Our Design Collections

Created and imagined at our studio in Delhi and hand-painted & hand-crafted by various karigars across India.

shop endless summer blooms

A collection of powdery cushion covers with intricate Kashmiri-style embroidery inspired by all the things we love about balmy days.

shop Midsummer Collection

The flower & bird design based on a mix of traditional Gond-style art inspired by nature, mixed with an English sensibility to create something classic, yet contemporary.

shop Alice's Tea Party

Join us for a cuppa!

shop Color of Water

Inspired by the many colors of the ocean

Shop Starry Starry Night

Celebrating a sky full of stars

shop Floral Lace

Inspired by the details of handwoven lace handkerchiefs

SHOP Day Dreams

Handpainted ceramics in powder blues & dreamy roses