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Once the order is shipped we will send you a order fulfilled confirmation email along with the tracking details of the courier company. You can set up an alert as well on the courier company website to update you on the status of the shipment.

We ship the orders from our warehouse in Delhi and they typically are delivered in 3-10 working days depending on the distance from Delhi, the mode of payment and product availability.  All orders received are generally shipped within 48 hours of being received unless its a weekend. Our warehouse is closed on Saturday & Sunday for the weekend.  All orders received after 1 pm on Friday onwards are shipped on Monday.

We can facilitate changes to an order or even a cancellation till the order is shipped. You can reach us at with your intstructions. Once the order is shipped, we are unable to make any changes to your order.

When we started our store in 2012, we had one single goal: to offer our customers high quality creations at the most value-for-money prices. We have an inhouse design team and no intermediaries or distributors, which allows us to set the best price for you, while also rewarding the expertise of our factories across the country and their employees at fair rates. 90% of our items are designed and manufactured in India - and for prices to be truly fair, they must stay the same all year round. We do not levy huge mark-up margins on our products and therefore frequent discounts offered are not viable or sustainable! That’s why we rarely run sales or promotions. However twice a year, to honour women and mamas, we have a Mother’s day weekend sale, and a mini discount on International Women's Day. If however, you would like to get even better value on our products, join the TWC Wishlist, our loyalty program, where members rack up TWC cred and enjoy discounts, first-access, surprise gifts and our undying gratitude and love.

Shipping & Returns

Currently we charge a Rs.100 shipping charge if your order value is less than Rs.5000, above that it's free. The nature of our products, mostly home accessories - mean they tend to be high volume, heavy and quite fragile. Therefore we spend time and costs on careful packaging - especially of our glassware, ceramics and stoneware. Our shipping partners tend to charge by weight and volume - so our shipping costs are proportionately larger than other categories such as beauty or fashion. While we do absorb most of the delivery cost, we tend to charge a nominal fee to help us offset the logistics cost. We incur a relatively higher shipping cost on lower value items, so if your order is over INR 5000, then shipping is free. Also, if you join the TWC Wishlist - you can start acquiring cred and get all your orders shipped free.

Firstly, please dont worry. It's our responsibility that your order reaches you in perfect shape. All you have to do is take a picture of the damaged product and send us an email at with your order number and the image of the product. We will replace it for you at the earliest.

Many of our products are hand-made by artisans and craftsmen across India using recycled or natural materials. Therefore, there will be variations in color, size, and finish, as no two products are identical. We believe these irregularities give the pieces character and are part of the design, which enhance the beauty and uniqueness of each piece. If you are unhappy with the variations in your products however...

A COD (cash on delivery order) typically means we, The Wishing Chair, first undertake the cost of the process of delivering the COD products to the customer - the cost of packaging, logistical coordination, shipping, handling - is spent without any guarantee that the customer on the other end will be around to receive the product and pay cash. The return of any high value products (which would have a turnaround time of at least 10 days to get back to us) would mean a large transportation cost and lost time for when we can potentially put the high value stores back on our shelves for sale - and therefore ends up incurring a very large loss to us as a small business. That’s why we try and cap COD orders to INR 5000.

Currently we ship pan India only. We are working on enabling international shipping. However, our product is bulky and breakable so we are trying to devise the best way we can ensure a perfect delivery across the world. Please bear with us till we feel confident and share we will be able to delight you when you receive the package no matter where you live.

The courier company will send you an SMS alert on the day of delivery. If you are unable to accept a package please reach out to them or to us to update the instsructions to the delivery person. An order is attempted 3 times after which its returned back to us. A returned order is cancelled and refunded. If a customer refuses orders regularly, we reserve the rights to cancel orders and request for a in-store pick up only

Gift Wrap & Gift Cards

In your cart, there is a gift icon next to each product. Click the product you would like gift wrapped, a popup form will open for any message you would like to share. After you enter your messsage, the instruction is saved on your order form. If you would like to gift wrap all items together, you can select gift wrap option for all products and just add the message to one of the items. Our warehouse team will gift wrap the products in our signature brand wrapping paper and add a printed message as well. If you have any further instructions, feel free to reach us at

All gift cards are digital and available at Once you purchase a gift card for someone, they will receive an email with your message and a gift card code for the amount you have chosen. You will receive a confirmation email once the gift card is emailed to them. No physical gift cards are sent. The receiver can apply the gift code at checkout under the discount code section and that amount will be deducted from their cart amount.

Our Products

90% of The Wishing Chair products are conceived, designed and manufactured in India. 10% of our products are sourced from Thailand, Vietnam and China that specialize in high quality ceramics and cane. The items that are produced in India, are first imagined and proto-typed by our design team, at our design studio in Delhi. They are then manufactured at various factories across the country, depending on which state has expertise in the material used (metal, ceramics, wood, glass etc). Factories that we have chosen to work with are visited to make sure there are proper conditions with regard to work, hygiene, and safety, as well as in prohibiting any form of child labour, forced labour, or illegal employment. We also sell other brands on our website that we have curated in accordance with our quality standards, value pricing, originality, and design aesthetic. The origin of these brands vary; the glasses are made in Germany & Turkey the kitchenware in Germany though most other brands are home-grown.

We devote ourselves to imagining unique, beautiful creations and using our design team’s expertise and the impeccable craftsmanship of talented artisans at our factory partnerships across India, to offer you the best quality home-grown non-mass produced product we can. We believe in product value and not artificial, aspirational exclusivity. We have an inhouse design team and no intermediaries or distributors, which allows us to set the best price for you, while also rewarding the expertise of our factories across the country and their employees at fair rates.

The main goal of any packaging material is to make sure our product gets to you unscathed, in one piece. We realize that most protective materials tend to be plastic and bubble-wrap which aren’t ideal for the environment, and we are actively researching more concrete ways to reduce our impact on it. Our clothes packaging comes in recycled paper, we use boxes made from recycled materials, and whenever possible we replace our boxes with envelopes that are lighter and less fussy. We are still in the process of eliminating the need for so much bubble-wrap, and are looking for protective materials that are more sustainable while still making the packaging affordable. If you happen to chance on anything that works to protect ceramics, glass and other delicate materials, do let us know at :

The time-cycle of a product takes 6 months to a year, from conception to execution. While we have our design studio in Delhi which conceives and proto-types the design - we work with various factories across the country to manufacture our designs. The factory requires at least 4-6 months lead time to execute on our designs due to their own internal processes and bureaucracy, and it’s only worth their time to manufacture these products if we guarantee a minimum order quantity, which ranges from 200-500 pieces per design. Due to the cycle of our creation process, it’s very difficult for us to undertake customizations unless you have a lot of time and are willing to buy a LOT of pieces. If you are looking for lots of pieces pls reach out to us at

Out of Stock

We’re sorry you can’t find the product you love! It takes about six months to a year to develop a new collection, and although we have a system in place for anticipating demand, we can never fully predict if an item is going to sell out. While we increase our volumes each year, we’re extremely careful to avoid overstocking and wastage - for a minimal carbon footprint. It’s all about finding and maintaining the right balance, something we’re trying to get better at every year. We also listen closely to the needs and wishes of our customers, and do our best to ensure their favourite items come back in stock as quickly as possible, though most of our collections are one-time only - so, we’d personally suggest that if you like something, buy it right away :) However some out of stock items might be available again, so click on the “notify me when in stock” button of an out of stock item, and we will email you as soon as it’s back in stock. Unfortunately our Customer Service team will be unable to help with timelines for when the item will be back in stock, so checking out our new arrivals, back in stock updates and your email update on the desired item, is your best bet! In the meantime, we hope you find something else that becomes a new favourite.

We are sorry you couldn’t find a product from a collection you loved :( We like to keep our range of collections fresh and interesting and our design and marketing team work hard to continually offer new colours and themes to our ranges. We only have space for a limited number of collections at our warehouse and retail stores at a time, so we have to find a balance between keeping it fresh and old favourites. However, we do sometimes bring back our golden oldies, so click on the “notify me when in stock” button of a collection you love, and keep an eye for collection updates on new stock, through: our newsletter, website, or FB and Instagram page. In the meantime, we hope you try something new from our current collection :)

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Keeping up to date with our latest and greatest keeps you in the know of: our spanking new product launches and collections, any events or workshops we may be hosting at our studio or office, competitions where we dish out tons of swag, one-time offers and promotions and access to our Delights of Distraction newsletters which emails you a weekly dose of our favourite inspiration and innovations from across the web. You can sign up for our newsletter and updates here, or follow us on FB and Instagram.

Currently we have stores in Delhi, Gurgaon and Bangalore. You can find the contact details here -