Our Candles & Home Fragrances

Each candle is made with a special blend of essential oils and natural waxes blended, to give it a unique scent and personality. Whether you choose the floral or spicy scents, we guarantee you'll be transported to your happy place.

The Ritual Collection

The scents in this collection - Good Morning Sunshine & Good Night Darling were specifically chosen to help promote relaxation and peace. We want people to feel like they can take a deep breath and let go of the stress of the day when they use our candles.

The morning and night ritual candles were created to make you feel more connected to the intentions for the day. To start the day by setting intentions for what one wants to manifest, and end the day by reflecting on everything we're grateful for, with a good night's sleep.

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The Green-tea scent of the candle is fresh and uplifting, with just a hint of sweetness.
It's perfect for waking up to in the morning or burning during an afternoon break.

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Light Good night, darling, and let the soft light and calming scent transport you to a place of peace. Let the worries of the day melt away as you take some time for

The Royal Bloom Collection

We created the Royal Blossom Collection because we wanted to offer a luxurious and floral scented candle that would transport people to the feeling of a springtime stroll in a regal garden. We wanted to offer a luxurious candle that would fill any room with its intoxicating fragrance.

We believe that our candles make any space feel more inviting and luxurious, and these scents were made for transporting you to a world filled with blossoms while you feel like a queen!

shop Duchess of Blossom

We created the Duchess of blossom scented candle because we wanted to bring the feeling of springtime into people's homes. The delicate, floral scent in sweet peony and
Rose is meant to evoke feelings of happiness and renewal.

shop Marquess of Moonlight

Meant to evoke memories of lazy summer days spent outdoors, surrounded by nature's beauty. Those magical evenings, when the warm wind would blow through the open window, and the scent of fragrant flowers would fill the air.